Friday, April 22, 2016

Fred Wehba Explains Why Location is a Deciding Factor in Most Real Estate Transactions

Fred Wehba
Real estate investor and commercial property expert Fred Wehba says buying a home is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Here, Wehba touches on certain key items real estate developers look for when planning a new residential project.

Q: How do crime maps play a role in how real estate professionals determine where to build?

Fred Wehba: The vast majority of homeowners would prefer to live in an area where they feel safe, i.e. an area with a low crime rate. Builders look to crime mapping software and historical data when determining where to build. They may compare crime rates in similar neighborhoods within driving distance of their planned development and look at key factors that may continue to affect crime in the future.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Real Estate Talks with Fred Wehba: Lease or Buy?

Fred Wehba
Fred Wehba has spent the last two decades helping business owners carve out their own place from which to achieve success. The popular commercial real estate investment expert says he is most often asked about the benefits of leasing versus buying. Here, Wehba sheds some light on this important topic.

Q: What are the cash requirements for purchase and lease transactions?

Fred Wehba: A purchase requires considerably more up front out-of-pocket expenses. A buyer must pay for a property inspection, appraisal, and legal fees on top of shelling out a substantial down payment. Ownership means the buyer is henceforth responsible for maintenance and insurance on the entire property. Leasing, on the other hand, requires less of an initial investment. The property owner retains the responsibility of making sure the building is in good order.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Fred Wehba (That Led to His Success)

Fred Wehba
Fred Wehba is best known on the West Coast as a powerhouse in the commercial real estate niche. But, Wehba didn’t start out that way. Here at the top four things most people don’t know about this prolific businessman.

Wehba spent his youth mopping floors.

Fred Wehba worked in his father’s supermarket chain throughout middle and high school. As the son of an immigrant family, opportunities to earn money were scarce. Wehba would go straight to one of the stores right after school, often completing his homework in the back office before scrubbing floors or stocking shelves until closing. Despite being the owner’s son, Wehba never received any special treatment and was popular among the staff for his obvious dedication to his job. This early exposure to hard work is what Wehba credits for giving him the abilities to move past adversity later on.

Fred Wehba enrolled in college to study music.

Wehba is a talented musician and was a promising performer in his high school band. He was so good, in fact, that his music teacher and mentor, Dr. Earl Hesse, spent many months talking to a young Wehba about his future in music. Wehba eventually enrolled in North Texas State University’s jazz program.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fred Wehba on Finding God

Fred Wehba
Growing up with a strong faith has given Fred Wehba a clear perspective on living as a follower of Christ.

According to Fred Wehba, you were not born on this Earth by error. Wehba wants you to know that God loves you. God gave his only son, Jesus, so that He could have a real, loving, and personal relationship with you. There is only one thing, says Fred Wehba, which keeps you away from God: sin.

In the Bible, sin is described in many ways. Fred Wehba maintains that sin is simply our failure to act in a way that reflects God’s holy standards. We face off against His righteous principles when we make choices that negate our respect of His teachings. But, Fred Wehba points out that God expects us to sin. In the Bible it says there are “none righteous, not even one.” We were given the free will to sin so that we may better understand the goodness that comes with turning away from wickedness.

Fred Wehba upholds that we are all sinners. Though most of us have never killed, maimed, or abused, we are all sinners in our actions. This might be found in our turning a blind eye to another’s sin, in our greed, or in jealousy. We sin in our pride and boastful ways. We are all sinners, says Fred Wehba.

Do not be blind to the path of God, encourages Wehba. God loves you and wants you to be with Him forever. But how, you may ask, can this be when we are so prone to sin against Him? Fred Wehba posits the answer is simple: God loves you. He does not want you for what you can offer Him in your mortal existence. No matter how much you sin, God still wants to welcome you into His eternal loving embrace. According to Fred Wehba, it is God’s gift to mankind that has already freed you from the penalty of sin. God, as we all know, gave His only Son so that our sins would be forgiven. This forgiveness is not earned, says Fred Wehba. It is given freely.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

C. Frederick Wehba Offers Endorsement of the Boy Scouts of America

C. Frederick Wehba Throughout his involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, Fred Wehba has been extremely impressed with the parents and scout leaders serving local youth. C. Frederick Wehba takes every opportunity to tell others what he thinks about the Scouts organization.

Q: What is the central focus of the Boy Scouts of America?

C. Frederick Wehba: The Boy Scouts of America has been an extremely supportive organization for today’s youth. The needs of the young participants are emphasized above all else.

Q: Are there specific areas of the participants’ development that are addressed through the organization’s services?

C. Frederick Wehba: The organizational leaders are working to encourage the development of young boys into morally responsible and physically active adults.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Q & A with C. Frederick Wehba - Real Estate Executive Honored by California Baptist University

C. Frederick Wehba Q: How were you recognized by California Baptist University?

C. Frederick Wehba: Along with my beautiful wife Susan, I have participated in a number of humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. We were grateful to be recognized with the “Spirit of Philanthropy” award as presented by California Baptist University. An evening gala was enjoyed by attendees at the Eugene and Billie Yeager Center on the California Baptist University campus.

Q: What university-related activities have you been involved with in the past?

C. Frederick Wehba: As a couple, we have been heavily involved in the nonprofit and philanthropic communities for many years. My past responsibilities include serving as the former chair of the Board of Trustees at California Baptist University.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

C. Frederick Wehba Weighs in on Location as a Valuable Real Estate Concept

C. Frederick Wehba For investors in commercial real estate, selecting the perfect property is a challenging prospect that demands great attention and care. A number of different factors have an impact on the final decision, says real estate advisor Fred Wehba. One of the most important decisions afforded in a person’s life is the opportunity to buy a home. C. Frederick Wehba has built a real estate empire by offering intelligent advice about this complex process. Here, he offers a few insights into how the current market is affecting the purchasing and leasing plans of investors across the country.

● A safe community means residents are comfortable in their surroundings and connect with their neighbors on a more frequent basis, says C. Frederick Wehba. Most people prefer to live in a region with little crime activity.